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Brogmir the Red[edit]


Str Dex Con Int Wis Chr
20 10 14 12 10 14

Level: 6 Race: Minotaur Class: Paladin - Oath of the Crown Alignment: Lawful Good Age: 27 Height: 7’1” Weight: 345 lbs Eyes: Black Skin: Brown Hair: Gold/Red

Background Story[edit]

Brogmir grew up in the great corn labyrinth of Nebraska. He had a simple life, knowing only the endless paths making their way through the walls of corn. He was taught the ways of agriculture including soil PH, mote irrigation, and the combat techniques needed to combat the constant raider attacks, hungry dire crows, and travelers unfortunate enough to get lost in the ceaseless web of paths.

Brogmir knew very little of the outside world, limited only to his family and the labyrinth. That was until the passing of his Grandpa.

Brogmir was helping prepare the funeral pyre, while the younger calves prepared the husks for the corn effigy, when a fancy chariot arrived. His father snorted in disapproval. "So the deserter returns."

A fancy looking minotaur with the signature golden hair of the family stomped up to his father and calmly responded "I'm just here to pay my respect. Ain't lookin' for no trouble."

Little else was exchanged between the mysterious bull and the rest of their heard. He respectfully held back and let the ritual continue. As the flames turned to coal, Brogmir's curiosity got the better of him and he sat down next to the large bull and stared silently at what remained of their shared ancestor.

"Not afraid of outsiders young one? You got something to say, or just here to gawk."

"I guess I'm just curious why I've never heard of you before you rolled into here"

A long sigh escaped the solemn face as his eyes finally settled on Brogmir. "The name's Mooby. I'm guessing you're a nephew?"

"I'm Brogmir, Billomir's son."

Mooby turned back to the fire. "You might want to run along before your Dad..."

"What about my Dad? What did you do that was so bad that our heard never even speaks your name?"

"I had ambitions. That's my sin. I wanted to know if there was something past the corn walls. I left without honor, and I guess I never tried to repair that relationship."

"What is past the walls?"

"Everything else.” Mooby replied, mind obviously somewhere else. He snapped back to reality and exclaimed. “Run along kid! I'd hate for the distain felt towards me to transfer towards you."

That night, Brogmir could barely sleep. Thoughts were being interrupted by ideas that were interrupted by thoughts. Life was hard in the labyrinth. And he never quite understood why they need to eat every stranger unfortunate to pass by. His father was abusive as was his father before him, and more and more there was a feeling of being lost. That uncertainty of what the point of any of it was. The neighboring communities gave his heard their sacrifices and so the corn flowed for what he always thought was forever. But there is more. What else could there even be?

The carriage was almost to Colorado when it pulled over and Mooby walk to the back. "Okay kid, you can come out now. If you're going to ride with us, you might as well not give yourself permanent back issues in the process."

"You knew that I was back here?"

"You're fricken huge. Anyone can see you from a mile away."

"You're not mad?"

"Kid, I could tell by that tuft of red in your mane that you had a spirit that was not meant to be wasted on a place like that. Matter of fact, that's what I'll call you. Red."

As they made their way westward, Mooby regaled him with stories of his life and travels in a world so full of mysteries. How he went from a beggar to the owner of one of the largest chain restaurants in the world. He was sympathetic to Brogmir's thirst for something more, and assured him that he would be his family now that he has left his old one behind.

Two years went by and Brogmir had worked all the way up to General Manager of all Wer Torkei Mooby's Locations through a lot of hard work and a little nepotism. For someone so young, he was was considered very successful. Still, he felt like something was missing.

One day as he was walking on the beach, he overhead a conversation that caught his interest. It was about finding happiness though getting rid of what was causing him not to be happy. Something about science. Scientology?

The next day he had his first audit. It felt great. He did not know if there was something to this, or if he just never had anyone actually listen to him before, but it felt worth trying again.

He never realized how much he resented his past, and even though he left that life behind, it had stayed with him. He worked hard with his auditors, and before he knew it he was clear.

Brogmir was in deep now. Most of his sizable income now went straight to the church. But now he decided to use his life's savings to pay the $2,750 to get to OT I. All free time outside work was now devoted to self audit. He now didn't even think about happiness versus sad, only the quest to enlightenment. He was now devoted to the church. He wanted to do more.

On day a Taboxi and Half-Orc scammed the church out some money, and a new order of Paladins were created to protect the interests of the the faith. They would be a division of Sea Org, so it was a huge honor. Brogmir obviously was one of the first ones in.

The day finally came that he was ready for OT II. Unfortunately he did not have the full $5,225 to make the leap. Uncle Mooby was in town, and at dinner Brogmir straight up asked him for a loan.

"What kind of religion is this?" Mooby laughed incredulously, "I'll admit, you seem very focused and driven now, but you no longer have a life of your own. And now you are so desperate for their approval that you risk your last family relationship to level up? Is this really worth it just to find out what's next? You've been in this thing for years, don't you find it odd that they've never shared with you what their beliefs really are? And now you can, but only if you give them a bunch of money?"

"It’s worth it. I finally feel like I have a purpose."

"You're all I got left now as well, and you know that I have the money, just be careful."

A year passed, and now he was a fierce Paladin. He had long since given up his title at Mooby's and now just owned and operated a franchise location; a gift from his uncle to soften the demotion. But the day finally arrived for OT III. This is where he would learn the secret dogma that he had been seeking this whole time. Again he approached his uncle for the $8,910 needed to go to that next level.

"I cannot in good conscience do this. The money is not an issue, but these cultists are..."

And there it was. The word that had not been spoken, but both knew was there. This is what his uncle thought of all this. The next day, Brogmir sold his Mooby's location and prepared for the OT III. Free from all relations, he was finally free to learn all that was to be known. And as he heard of the crimes of Xenu and how the Thetans came to live in us all, he was free from all doubt, because he was to far in to doubt.

Now that he had passed through the wall of fire, he realized he was no longer a follower. He was leading others on this path. He decided it was time to leave the comforts of the Scientology Center and bring their truths to the world.